Big Rig Towing


If your 18-wheeler breaks down, you need service quickly in order to stay on schedule. And you can’t settle for any old towing company that either doesn’t have the equipment to handle a big rig or lacks the know-how to haul it safely and securely. Fortunately Save Tow has both: flatbed towing capabilities and more than 35 years’ worth of hands-on experience in the industry.

Our 24-hour service also includes minor on-the-spot mechanical repairs, which our team is adept at pulling off quickly and meticulously. If more involved work is required, we’ll tow your semi to a mechanic of your choice. If it’s the middle of the night and a mechanic’s not available, we’ll help you find a place to store your big rig till morning.

Wrangling your Rig

At Save Tow, we have the ability to deal with commercial semi-trailer trucks of every size. Count on us to safely and efficiently tow your big rig!

No Mileage Charges

At Save Tow, we only charge a flat rate when we’re hauling your big rig: You won’t be saddled with any mileage fees on top of things.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Whenever you need Save Tow, we’re there for you: the height of rush hour or the backside of midnight.



Whether it’s a rollover or simply a stubborn mechanical meltdown, Save Tow gets you and your 18-wheeler back on the road as quickly as possible. From our roadside repair services to our local and long-distance flat-rate towing, you can rely on our vast experience and friendly attitude to get you out of a jam.

  • Safe, Reliable Big-Rig Towing Since 1981

  • Flat Rate Towing: No Mileage Fees!

  • Roadside Repairs for Commercial Trucks

  • Both Local & Long-Distance Truck Towing